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Die Meconomy in der Praxis: Raus aus dem öden Bürojob – Gastbeitrag Nr. 5

In meiner losen Reihe von Gastbeiträgen, in denen Leser berichten, wie sie ihre eigene Meconomy entdeckt und umgesetzt haben, schreibt heute Lukas Herrsche (Bild) – der erzählt, wie er sich nach dem Studium zunächst in öden Bürojobs langweilte, durch das Lesen von Meconomy aber den Mut fasste, sich selbständig zu machen. Und nun nie wieder zurück will.

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Meconomy is now available in Hungarian – meet the awesome team that made it happen

The great thing about having written and self-published my last book Meconomy is that people from all kinds of professions and from all over the world keep approaching me telling me that they share many of my ideas and want to do something cool together. This way I was able to diversify the product in ways I couldn’t have with an old-school publisher. Already there’s an English translation of Meconomy out there, a German audio book, and the latest addition – a Hungarian translation.

All these projects were made possible because I collaborated with professionals who liked the idea of adapting Meconomy into their respective language or format. They worked for free (or almost free) but we share revenues from future sales. A model that is exactly about the entrepreneurial mindset I advocate in the book – and which seems to work out just fine in the real world.

This is the story of Ilona Fogarasi who believed in bringing Meconomy to her home country Hungary and who made it happen – with a team of two friends.

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“Eternal Bliss”: My first short story has been published by The Guardian

Late last year Sony asked whether I would like to participate in an event they called “Futurescapes” – the idea being to bring together an expert-panel of thinkers, designers, futurologists and writers to discuss what life might be like in 2025 – and which role technology could play to make earth a better place by then.

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Die Meconomy in der Praxis: Neustart in Thailand – Gastbeitrag Nummer 4

In meiner losen Reihe von Gastbeiträgen, in denen Leser berichten, wie sie ihre eigene Meconomy entdeckt und umgesetzt haben, schreibt heute Christoph Stockburger (Bild) – ein Journalist, der so mutig war, gleich mal ans andere Ende der Welt zu ziehen. Danke, Christoph!

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Smart Working in Korea – what I learned on my recent trip to Seoul

Me giving my talk at the conference

On September, 8th, I was invited by the Korean government to speak at the Smart&Cloud Show conference in Seoul. The event took place in a rather gigantic auditorium – the COEX – with more than a thousand visitors. So I was pretty intimidated to begin with, and the range of co-speakers did nothing to calm me: There was Jeremy Rifkin, Jim Newton (founder of TechShop), Michael Hugos (author of Business in the Cloud) … but then again we were not the stars here.

The really important speakers came from Korea: Lee, Kark Bum (Chairman of the President’s Council on Information Strategies), Maeng, Hyung Kyu (Minister of Public Administration and Security), Hong Seong Kyu (Vice Chairperson of Korea Communications Commission), KT CEO Lee Suk-chae, and Kim Seang-Tae (President of National Information Society Agency).

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Die Meconomy in der Praxis – Gastbeitrag Nummer 3

In meiner losen Reihe von Gastbeiträgen, in denen Leser berichten, wie sie ihre eigene Meconomy entdeckt und umgesetzt haben, schreibt heute Christian Dingler (Bild), der sich mit einer freien PR-Beratung selbständig gemacht hat. Danke, Christian!

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Die Meconomy in der Praxis – Gastbeitrag Nummer 2

Hier ein weiterer Gastbeitrag eines Lesers, der mir schreibt, wie die Lektüre meiner Bücher seine Arbeitsweise verändert hat. Christian Wenzel war fest angestellt bei Apple und hat sich kürzlich im Bereich “Digital Branding” selbständig gemacht. Offenbar war vor allem Meconomy der Anstoß dazu. Wenn Bücher praktische Konsequenzen haben, freut das den Autor natürlich sehr, darum kommt Christian nun ausführlich zu Wort:

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Die Meconomy in der Praxis – ein Gastbeitrag (Nummer 1)

In meiner lockeren Reihe von Gastbeiträgen, in denen Leser beschreiben, was meine Bücher mit ihrer Arbeitsweise zu tun haben, kommen heute Jens Schlangenotto und Maik Weiss (Bild) zu Wort. Die beiden betreiben mit Agent CS einen Service für persönliche Assistenten – also eines der Konzepte, die ich in Meconomy ausführlich beschreibe.

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“Meconomy” in English: The international edition is out now

Excellent news: My latest book Meconomy has finally been translated into English. A big thank you goes to the team that made this possible: Martin Fischer, Dirk Mönkemöller, Karolina Leczkowski, Torsten Bergler, and everyone at epubli.

If you have been asking yourself whether you can recommend Meconomy to friends in (or from) other countries (and many people did ask me this since the book came out), here’s all you need to know …

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“Smart Working”: My first book has been published in Korea

Great news: My first book “Morgen komm ich später rein” has finally been translated into Korean. Publisher Biz Map even found a way catchier title – it’s now called Smart Working. So: Here’s a big shout out to readers in Korea: Go buy this book! I teaches you all about the ways work is being turned mobile and flexible in countries such as Germany, Holland, Denmark, and the USA. About how smart companies are getting a competitive edge by letting their employees work whereever and whenever they want. And why people are more productive, more creative, and far happier if they are not chained to their desks 9to5.

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